Whipped Cream Stabilizer

- Creating a light, consistent, and stable texture.

-Maintaining the stability of cream texture at room temperature.

- Increasing texture volume and preventing water separation.

- Low consumption dosage and production cost reduction.

Whipped Cream Stabilizer

Belitsa's whipped cream stabilizer (BS66), is created through careful selection of materials and a special combination that produces a light, cohesive, and stable texture. This stable texture is suitable at room temperature and will not develop cracks on the final product due to its desirable expandability. Belitsa's whipped cream stabilizer not only increases the volume of the texture but also prevents water separation in the product, allowing the cream to maintain its shape and texture for an extended period.
The special formula and low consumption dosage of this stabilizer both reduce production costs and serve as a powerful tool for producing high-quality whipped cream products with excellent taste and texture. This product not only assists producers in creating high-quality and attractive products but also ensures that customers and consumers enjoy a delightful experience with excellent taste."